Friday, November 19, 2010

I Just Don't Understand the Music Marketplace (Beatles on iTunes edition)

I'm sure you've heard the news by now, oh boy. The Beatles catalog is now going to be on iTunes.

I don't care if you are 16 or 64, you should be ashamed of yourself and renounce your Beatles fandom if you purchase these on iTunes. To every potential purchaser, young and old, I ask you this: why are you going to pay upwards of $1.29 a song (DRM-free) for sub-par, sonically-diluted, lossy music files of some of the richest studio work of the early rock era?*

You'll be paying yet more money for less. You will be downloading music of lower quality than what you can already get--Beatles vinyl records and CDs. Buy yourself a turntable (again or for the first time) and spin the wax, or buy the Mono box. Or rip FLAC or even 320kbs MP3 files if you really have to. But please don't listen to downloads that just don't sound as good (even over headphones on your iPod or iPhone or whatever).

I am sorry to say this, but iTunes downloads sound like crap. Yes, I know I riffed on this back in January, but these "finally, the Beatles are on iTunes!" stories are driving me insane.

*I would assert the same thing about music from more recent times. It still shocks me that people will listen to bands like Radiohead or Animal Collective via low-quality MP3's.

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