Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today is a Day for Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas: Tropicalia Psychedelic Masterpieces 1967-1976 by Various Artists (2010)

It is a truly amazing time for free-riding off the hard work of other obsessive world music collectors.* The 2010 release Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas: Tropicalia Psychedelic Masterpieces 1967-1976 is an absolute joy to put on the hi-fi. Released and compiled by Joel Stones and the same folks that brought us the Psych Funk 101 compilation that came out in 2009 and had 14 prime cuts of late 60's and 70's global psychedelic music, Fuzz Bananas narrows the scope and examines the heaviest of the heavy 7" tropicalia releases from the heyday of the movement.

As to the Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas release from the promo materials:

...this album should serve as a master class for those entranced by the funky, heavy psychedelic wonders of the Tropicalia movement and all that it spawned.

Each song contained on this album has never been reissued, and has been restored from the best source possible and remastered for near-perfect sound quality. The Enhanced CD comes with a 48 page full color booklet and contains a wealth of imagery and detailed annotation and liner notes in both English and Portuguese. The documentary contained on the CD – What Are Fuzz Bananas – details the making of this anthology and sources interviews from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles with the likes of the compilation’s Marisa Rossi and Cut Chemist, Egon and Elijah Wood. The gatefold 2LP comes with an oversized 12x12” full color booklet with all of the liner notes and photos from the CD and contains original artwork on the inside (3D glasses included in the first pressing).

*While not freeriding per se, $17 seems like an obscenely inexpensive price to pay for the work that went into this 2LP (or 1 CD) collection and documentation.

Stream the album for free on grooveshark (also available at on vinyl and CD):

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