Friday, May 7, 2010

Today was a Day for "Your Future Our Clutter" by The Fall (2010)

The 28th(!) studio album by The Fall is the record that has been getting the most listens around Jams, Mofo headquarters the last week or so. I have played the new Hold Steady album a fair bit, but I have listened to Your Future Our Clutter several times a day for the last week. Not sure if I have much of a review to give. How does one review a new Mark E. Smith record anyway? Where to begin?

I think the Onion's A.V. Club review nails my take as far as they go. [UPDATE: This Popmatters review is spot on as well.]

First single (edited) from the album:

The Fall kickin' out the jams, mofo!

If you are a newcomer to the band, here's a recently posted story that makes for a nice introduction to Mark E. Smith and his assorted cast of band-members over the years, also from the A.V. Club. The Quietus goes one better as this essay on Smith's literary framework is a joy to read.

I bought the download for $6.99 on Amazon.

Here's the album on the soon to be defunct

Doesn't seem to be at as of yet, though there are some other great records by The Fall there to whet your appetite.

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