Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today was a Day for "What's Up Front that Counts" by The Counts (1971)

Wow. Another recent album find that brings the funk. What's Up Front That Counts by The Counts came out on the funk-famous, and Detroit-based, label Westbound Records (home in the early 1970s to Funkadelic and the Ohio Players) in September of 1971. Though The Counts would release two more average albums in the next few years, their first LP is one of the grooviest funk albums ever recorded.

The album is still in print on CD, and can be found many places online. And, if you are real lucky, maybe you will score this gem on vinyl when perusing your local record store. If you like Funkadelic, the Ohio Players, or the Bar-Kays, you need to hear The Counts. This Michigan-to-Atlanta band brought the thick-groove-funk in late '71, mofo.

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