Thursday, November 19, 2009

Polly Jean will make the cut (likely twice)

Over the last couple of months I have been slowly but surely constructing my “Best of the 00s” album list. While it is still a ways from being complete, I have enjoyed the process of my focused effort to listen to albums from throughout the decade—some of which I had not listened to in a while. Because I listen to music all day at work and I spin records and play music morning and night around the house, I have been able to revisit many of these albums. And fortunately, I have been able to listen to a bunch while sitting on the living room floor and building Lego castles with my 21-month old son. It is quite likely that a couple of Polly Jean’s records will garner spots on this decade’s list, I listened to her a lot in the 1990s as well and revisited that output of albums during these last many months. “Dry”, “Rid of Me”, and "To Bring You My Love" have aged well. This version of “50 ft Queenie” is from her 1998 “Black Sessions” recordings.

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